Thursday, August 4


A few years back I signed up with a focus group/market research center. You can get paid $100 - $150 a session!

I finally got a call a couple of weeks ago. Last night was the first gig. The study group leader came in and asked some questions about our oral hygiene routine. I said I brush twice a day and floss about 2-3 times a week, really only if I have food stuck in my teeth. She then asked how I felt about flossing. I said I know I should do it more often because it's good for my gums, but I'm lazy. The end. The leader left and a few minutes later the receptionist came in and said, "Everyone follow me except Shannon." Oooookay.

The receptionist came back and said, "We only need five people for the study, so you can go home. We will still pay you the $100 though!"

So I got paid for doing nothing. Hooray, right?

Wrong. I mean, yes it is AWESOME I got a free hundred to sit in a waiting room for twenty minutes, but I could not shake the feeling of rejection!

What is wrong with me? Should I have lied and said I floss more? Did she not like the bit about being lazy and/or having food in my teeth? Was I bitchy? Did I smell? WHAT THE HELL MADE HER NOT PICK ME!?!?!?

Not that anyone who reads Thighs needed another glimpse into my negative, self-conscious psyche, but there you have it. Apparently it means more to me to be chosen than compensated.

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