Monday, August 1


Wow. The past two weeks went by fast. Time sure does fly as you get older...

SO. Where to begin? The rundown:

1. Mental health - I FEEL GREAT! Auntie D is my best friend. Therapy is amazing. I've never talked about the things Cee and I are discussing with anyone before, so I'm not sure if I'll share much on here. Maybe if I pay each of you $150 an hour I'll feel more comfortable.

2. Physical health - I FEEL PRETTY GOOD! I'd say great, but I had bad stomach issues last night. I couldn't resist Mr. Softee any longer. It's not summer without some soft vanilla ice cream! I felt fine after eating it, then later on for dinner I had Chirping Chicken and got sick immediately after. I had the ribs and chicken from there a few weeks ago and got sick the next day, but I thought it was the corn and the carrots. Now I think it must be some sort of BBQ rub or something on the meat. Hopefully it wasn't the ice cream!! The episodes are painful and gross, but I'm fine once they um, pass. I'm not as stressed out about it as I used to be, which is nice. I just have to either be near home or wear diapers* when I'm going to try new foods.

3. Work - IT'S OKAY! Last week was my first annoying one at the office. It made me feel normal!

4. Friends - I LOVE THEM ALL! My social calendar is starting to fill up. Yay! I'm so glad I have the strength to go out again. I had dinner with Ceej and Breen last Wednesday. Friday I hung out at Doll's with the usual crew. Saturday I got to see Rolo and Stevie at the beer garden during the day, then celebrated Juniper's birthday there that night. I missed everyone so much!

5. MDLL - I'M IN LOVE! I know, I know. My last post sad we aren't together and I wanted to see other people. Yeah, no. I got scared after he told me he loved me. Now I'm not. I'm going for it. Gah! We are an official couple now. I introduced him as "my boyfriend" a few times Saturday night and asked him about it yesterday:

"Soooo...I called you my boyfriend at the beer garden."

"Yeah, I heard that."

"What do you think?"

"I liked it." (adorable smile)

"Are we boyfriend and girlfriend now?" (goofy smile)

"Of course!"

"Will you officially ask me?" (giggling)

"Shannon, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Yes!" (make out)


Second half of 2011 is looking good!

*I thought I should mention this was a joke. I'm told sometimes you never know with me. Hell, sometimes I never know with myself!

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