Tuesday, August 23

Stupid cold

I was hoping the Sick Gods would keep me healthy for the rest of the year. Ha, no. It's just a little summer cold, nothing serious. My whole face feels pinched.

Things got much better at work by the end of last week. I had a really good talk with Voldemort and the rest of Billing. Voldemort is still a bitch, but she's always one so I'm not taking it personally anymore. I keep playing the scene in Bring It On when the boyfriend says to what's her nuts "Big Red's a bitch. We all know that!" It helps.

One of the main complaints from them is how Iron is nowhere to be found. She blew off a meeting with us on Friday, which started a huge vent/rant about her. Not good at all. She also blew off two important meetings today, too. Not sure what to do about this yet.

MDLL and I spent the last six out of eight days together. So much fun. I love him!! We ate a lot of tacos, watched movies and TV shows on Netflix streaming THE GREATEST INVENTION OF ALL TIME, went to Lebowskifest for a cast reunion/Q&A and a screening of the film, and hung at the neighborhood bars. I've never dated anyone for this long, so I am trying to figure out what works best for me in regards to how much we see each other/talk/bang. Yesterday I made a point of not texting him because a) I felt like shit, b) I worked until 8pm, and c) I wanted to make sure I could go a day without contact. I survived. Of course the thought crossed my mind he was hit by a bus, can't dial/text me, yet has the ability to answer/respond and the fact I didn't call has left him broken hearted in the hospital. I am my mother's daughter.

I want to live with him and get married. I know I do. I'm not sure how this works, though! I mean like, I've known him for a year. Will we be eating tacos this time next year, too? Will I get sick of us eating tacos? Will he get sick of me eating tacos? How do we keep the sex interesting? It's fucking awesome now. Will it always be awesome?

Believe it or not, this isn't a freak out. It's honest and calm questions from a 33 year old woman who never had a long term relationship.

I can even see us having a kid. One kid. The thought of being pregnant and responsible for a life does freak me out, but the thought of having one with MDLL doesn not. When I see a dad carrying his daughter or holding his son's hand, I think of MDLL. I like this. I do not like the birth, the strain on my body, the sleepless nights, the parental whine, and you know, the commitment to raising a child. My goldish died in a week because I was too cheap to buy a tank. YIKES. Maybe I can get a surrogate to keep my kid until he's old enough to take care of himself.

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