Monday, October 31

Thighs Review - Something Borrowed

I rarely write reviews of books, movies and/or TV shows, because a) I never read, b) I usually don't have much to say other than "It was okay/awesome/awful." and c) I can't be bothered.

Last night I watched Something Borrowed with Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, and some guy who looks like young Tom Cruise's cousin. The premise is Ginnifer (I hate the spelling of her name although I'd like to be able to sign things "Gin") and Cousin Tom fell in love in law school, but never told each other how they felt. Enter Kate, Gin's best friend, who aggressively hits on C.T. after Gin pretends she doesn't want him. Fast forward six years later, Kate and C.T. are engaged. Gin and C.T. hook up one night, end up professing their love, and sneak around behind Kate's back for the entire movie. In the last ten minutes we find out Kate cheated on C.T. and is pregnant with the other guy's baby. Kate then catches C.T. with Gin, the girls have a huge fight and their friendship is over. Gin and C.T. live happily ever after.

Sorry for not giving a spoiler warning. At least you don't need to watch it now.

This movie pissed me off. It pissed me off enough to write about it.

I guess I'm sensitive about relationships right now. I was ready to settle down with MDLL and now we're broken up. An old friend's marriage fell apart. I was with my family for five days in California, which is the longest amount of time we've spent together in 14 years. Relationships are all I think about lately.

Love can hurt. I get it. People fall in and out of love every day. This doesn't piss me off. It's what people DO when they fall in and out of love that upsets me.

Gin repeatedly lies to Kate to cover up her relationship with C.T. She then tells C.T. to call off the wedding, knowing it will hurt her best friend. Conveniently Kate is a bit of a selfish asshole; I'm sure the director was hoping we'd hate her by the end of the movie. I did, but I hated Gin more. She's so proud of herself for "letting go" and "taking a chance on love" with barely any remorse for being a sneaky bitch and rotten person. I should hate C.T. as well, yet for some reason I don't. He's a pathetic waste of space and there's no use for him. It's the shitty and dishonest friendship that bothers me most.

I hope to Shizza a guy never comes between my girlfriends and I. Luckily we have completely different taste in men. If that day should ever come, I solemnly swear I will never, ever, EVER pursue him. If I really was in love with the guy and couldn't change my feelings, I would tell my friend upfront. I'd rather take the high road and be honest then deceitful to or jealous of one of my besties.

I remember when the trailer came out. It seemed like a dumb fun romcom. Not even close. Something Borrowed is the worst title. It should have been called Something Assholes Do In the Name of "Love".

Can you tell I am irate?? GAH!

Oh and random...apparently the movie was also a commercial for Shake Shack and Heineken. Dumb.

On a scale of one to four thighs, this movie gets none.

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