Wednesday, May 23

Another day, another dollar.

Holy WIRED. I got up at 6am, went for a jog, got coffee, came home, went through my garbage looking for a goddamn Target receipt, failed, got ready, picked up my happy meds, and came to work. In an hour I'll either be dancing on the ceiling or sleeping under my desk.

I'm pissed about this Target receipt because I shouldn't have bought the damn dress and tank top to begin with, THEN I changed my mind about returning them in Jackson before heading to NY. I can't believe I lost the darn thing! ARGH.

I went way over budget in Florida. Granted, my budget was a bit unrealistic for a six day vacation, but still. I logged everything in my spending tracker and gasped. Yikes. Thankfully I had the dough to spend!

My monthly budget isn't really a budget. I do allot for bills and necessities, then the rest is a free for all of fun money. I need to learn how to save!! I decided this summer I'm going to buckle down and curb my extra spending.

As for big trips, I'm going to Vegas in June for work which is basically free. I was planning to tack on a trip to the Grand Canyon, but I decided against it due to money and time. Anyone up for Arizona next year?? Diamondbacks and Sedona, too?

I do have a couple mini-weekend trips planned, though. Friday I am heading up to Providence to visit the Faces!! Woo hoo!! I can't wait to see the babes, Cale and Oliver! You too of course, Leeks and Pandy. : )

Next trip isn't until August when the Petes and I are heading to Atlantic City for Socks' bachelorette party. Yay!   I've only been there once.  I was 21 and broke with college friends who showed their racist side for the first time. What the fuck is wrong with people?? They also spent most of their money on coke and $20 blackjack tables, which I really didn't understand. The gambling, I mean. I did some lines, which was idiotic because then I got a headcold. When I did "gamble", the old ladies at the slot machines were so fucking angry and rude. "These ten machines are MINE!!!" I'm shaking my head at the memory. Obviously now I'm older with kizash and cooler friends, so this trip will be AWESOME. No cokecolds!!

So, if anyone wants to have some cheap NYC fun this summer, let me know! I plan on going to the beach as much as possible!!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

Did you write this before or after I said I would go to Arizona with you?! >:(