Friday, May 4

Hermit the Log

This was THE BEST WEEK EVER! Know what I did? I will tell you:

Saturday I had an awesome day of bike riding and drinking with Janeypants. LOVE!

Sunday I napped, did yoga, and ate sushi.

Monday - Thursday I was a total hermit.  All I did was work, Florida trip planning, AND A PUZZLE. Ruth Clare totally took over this week! I've had this puzzle forever (college maybe?) and had yet to do it. It's a 550 piece picture of an underwater sea goddess scene. It's really pretty, but MAN is it hard! Is puzzle inadequacy a thing? I actually had to remind myself I was doing this for fun and not get frustrated. It was a real eye-opener for me. I love to learn yet I hate being bad at things, so basically I only want to be taught or practice what I'm naturally good at. Pisces!

I am SUPER excited my Florida trip. I kind of love how it's coming together a little at a time. Early morning next (!!) Saturday I'm flying to Miami to catch the 1pm Mets/Marlins game. I booked a hotel room in Miami Beach for two days. I'll probably spend the first night hanging out in North Miami Beach, then all the next day down in South Beach. I will be the one person under an umbrella wearing a hat, long sleeves and pants.

The only other finalized plan is on Wednesday the 16th. I will be in Tampa/St. Petersburg for the Salvador Dali museum and the Red Sox/Devil Rays game with my friends who live in Clearwater. I'm crashing at their place that night, then I'm flying to NJ the evening of the 17th. I decided to head down to Jackson for a day or two for my mom's birthday/mother's day and to help them clean out the basement. My parents kept everything I did not throw out myself. I'm definitely saving my Baby-Sitter Club books, but I'm not sure about any of my toys. I thought keeping all of my Barbies would be nice, but I don't want the Costco-sized Stay Free Maxi-Pad box they are in taking up space in my apartment. Maybe I'll save a couple and give the rest to charity instead...

So that leaves Monday the 14th and Tuesday the 15th up in the air. The drive from Miami to Tampa is pretty long, so I will most likely stop in the Fort Myers or Sanibel area for some more beach time. I'm going to finalize that part of the trip tonight. SO EXCITED!!

OH! I "broke up" with Saturday Night guy. We played phone tag last weekend, then he called Wednesday night. I told him he's a great guy (not really, just hot) but I don't feel single. Maybe if he blew me away with his personality I'd want to keep this going. Who knows, all I do know is I love MDLL and am excited to give our relationship a second chance (Seventeenth chance? Bygones.)

I guess that's it! Tonight is more trip planning and puzzling, maybe some shopping for summer threads. Tomorrow is Cinco de Metso and a few parties. Sunday is my Groupon archery lesson! WOOT! I must must MUST start running, too. June 9th 10K will be here soon!

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