Friday, April 27


This week was loooooooong, but good!

I heard from MDLL. He's going to Pittsburgh to finalize his divorce!!! I am so, SO happy for him. He will feel great once it's done. Me, well I'm not holding my breath, but I am glad he's finally going.

Saturday Night guy and I went out on Wednesday. He's hot. SUPER hot, like a sunnier Eric from True Blood hot. We went out for dinner and drinks in the neighborhood. It was okay. He's very personable and talkative, which was nice. He's not very funny, though. I don't think I laughed at all, except at my own jokes. Fa! He's not into sports either, which my chauvinistic side does not understand. You have a penis!

Did I mention he's HOT? I don't even like blonde guys, but he's smoking. Even the waitresses gave me the "nice job" look.  It was fun to have a trophy wife for a night.

We left it open and casual. When I got home I thought I'd go out with him again because he's so pretty, but now I don't think I will. One, I'm not ready. Two, he's meh. And three, going out with him made me realize I still want MDLL.

I will keep dating if I meet someone interesting. If MDLL and I are both single once his divorce is final, I will absolutely give him a second chance. I want to know what our relationship will be like without the elephant in the room. I want to make out with his face and have babies named Taco and Guac and live on a boat and eat cheese and color all day long.

Enough about boys...last night I saw Avengers with Juniper. IT IS SO FUCKING AWESOME! YOU MUST SEE IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN! It was glorious!! Tonight is pokher, tomorrow is bike riding and drinking with Janey, and Sunday I might use my archery Groupon and do some yoga.

AHH! Almost forgot, I booked my trip! I decided to go to Florida instead of the Caribbean or Mexico. I fly to Miami on the 12th for the Mets/Marlins game. On the 16th I'm going to Tampa to see a Rays game with my friend Palmio. I haven't booked my return flight yet, nor do I know what I'm going to do between the games, but I. AM. PSYCHED!

I am also a spending machine. Once I get back from vacation I am on financial lockdown. I went to therapy this week and told Cee how my old excessive drinking and spending habits are back ever since the breakup. Ironically it's a self-preserving AND self-destructing pattern. I am SUCH a Pisces...

Twas a good week, twis a good life, and twalways good times (even during the bad ones). Goody goody!

*Thank friggin' Shizza it's Friday!

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