Tuesday, April 3

New habits for my brainhole

I'm missing MDLL a lot today. This SUUUUUCKS.

To take my mind off of him and feel more in control of my life, I decided to create some new habits.

1. Hang my coat and throw my shoes in the closet as soon as I walk in

2. Wash my dishes before I go to bed

3. Bring my breakfast and lunch at least three days a week. No joke, I've been spending almost $20 a day on food.

4. Juniper inspired me to cook chicken last night for dinner and now I'm eating some for lunch. I never tried organic chicken before. My word it is delicious! Three meaty breasts (heh) of Heartland Home Foods brand was about $10. It is pricey, but the freshness and taste is worth it.

5. Nighttime regime - floss, eye cream, face and decolletage cream.

6. Chakra blast every morning. It's like a Care Bear Stare for each one. I don't know if it's a thing to do or not, but I made it up this morning and felt fantastic.

7. Exercise at least four days a week. I gained some weight back now that I'm not afraid of food anymore. I'm now 168. I don't really care about the scale as long as I feel good. If MDLL and I end up getting back together I want to look awesome for Hawaii!

8. Stop buying Groupons. This Groupho needs to slow her roll for a bit. I have a ton to take me through September, so there's no need to stock up again. I doubt I'll get to use my Krav Maga classes since they are always full. Oops. If you happen to notice one that I will absolutely love, please forward!!

9. Learn about investments. There are very few things in life that make me nervous to do myself and making investment decisions is one of them. My main priority right now is to have a three month emergency fund should I get laid off. I also want to consolidate the little I have in 401Ks from previous jobs to one 401K, then open a separate Roth IRA.

I think that's it. Must keep brainhole busy!

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