Saturday, April 14

Perfect day, meh night.

Today was perfect.

I woke up at 9am and headed into the city soon after to buy a bathing suit.  I actually found one I liked! It's a little Ruth Clare, but it fits me nice.

I walked home across the Queensboro bridge scream-singing Someone Like You and Dog Days Are Over.  Someone Like You is getting the shit played out of it this week.  Apparently I like to kick myself when I'm down.  (It's Adele's grammy winning breakup song).  I must say it felt good to sing so loudly.  Sometimes you just gotta belt one out.

The bathing suit was needed for my first ever trip to a day spa.  I went to one for a massage once, but never for the sauna or pampering.  I needed it after this fuckball week.  

Breen and I met up in Flushing for a delicious Chinese lunch at Nan Xiang Dumpling House.  Michelin rated!  We then hopped into a cab and headed over to Spa Castle.

For $45 you get all-day access to their many pools and saunas.  Massages, facials, scrubs, treatments, food, and drinks are extra.  As soon as you enter the locker room, you must remove your shoes and put on   a t-shirt and pair of shorts provided by the spa.  You're given a wristwatch band that acts as your lockerkey and credit card.  It's pretty sweet that you don't need to carry anything the whole day!

Our first stop was a 10 minute chair massage to loosen us up.  We then headed up to the roof and pool-hopped for a while, jumping from hot ones, jet ones, and massage ones.  We grabbed a little snack and a drink (I had one daiquiri!) before heading to the saunas.  The temperatures ranged from 100 - 181 degrees!  I couldn't handle them for long, so we'd go from pool to sauna just to dry off.

Next up...naked swimming!  That's right, we went to the women's locker room where there were a few pools for skinny dipping only.  We stripped down, giggled while we checked each other out, and then hung with the other naked ladies in the woman's bathhouse.  I was a little nervous at first because I'm a chunker, but after a few seconds I didn't give a fuck.  There were so many different sized women that all of my insecurities went away.  I felt so free.

After nudie time we went for a 30 minute foot massage.  Sooooo nice.  Afterwards we took one more skinny dip, showered, and headed home.  On the way we stopped at Tortilleria Nixtamal, one of my favorite places to eat.  Best shrimp tacos EVER.  I even challenge the West Coast on this one.

Again, today was perfect.

Now that I'm home by myself, I feel a bit meh.  I'm trying to not think about MDLL, but it's hard.  I guess I should just let it rip, so that I can get over him sooner.  UGH.

Fortunately I am pretty beat from my day of relaxation, so I'll probably go to bed soon.  Tomorrow's plans - run in the park, Ayurvedic lecture, restorative yoga with massage in the evening.  This is a pretty great Me weekend.  I need it.

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Alix said...

Some day we need to make a date to do all those activities (food and spa). Sounds like an awesome day!!