Monday, April 23

All I really want is BOYS.

Friday night I chatted up a guy sitting next to me at the bar.  We made out for a while and he took my number.  I don't care if he calls.

Saturday night I chatted up another guy at another bar.  He asked me for my number, too.  I'm very attracted to this one and wouldn't mind getting to know him. 


I'm limbo-single right now.  I have feelings for MDLL yet enjoy meeting new suitors.  It's funny, I finally see my lovepast in a positive light.  There were plenty of ups (penises) and downs (me crying over someone); thankfully I'm now able to laugh about it all and cherish the experience.  The more divorcees I meet, the happier I am my twenties were a time of growth, hedonism, and MEMEME.

For the first time in the 20 months I've known MDLL, I could really use a break.  I don't know if this means we're meant to be or not.  It weirded me out how excited I was by the Saturday night guy.  Can I love MDLL and be attracted to someone else?

I'm addicted to Googling relationship questions.  I found this link after searching "how do you know if he's the one?"  I took the quiz and the good news is MDLL passed all of them, except for the second one:  Are you more impressed by what he says rather than what he does?

The example they give doesn't fit our situation.  He is very good to me on the day to day things.  He says he loves me and he acts like it...except for the divorce.  When it comes to that, I am more impressed by what he says rather than what he does because he barely did anything.

At the bottom they have a GO NO FURTHER WITH HIM section.  This one bothered me: • You find yourself making excuses for him. Do you feel the need to tell friends that he's 'not always like that' or 'he's had a tough upbringing'? Do you downplay bad behaviour? STOP: Your friends are worried about you.

Again, it's always in regards to the divorce.  I never felt the need to make an excuse for his behavior on anything else.  When he fucks up, I admit he fucks up, and tell him so, end of story.

It's obvious MDLL is not The One right now at least.  No one is at the moment.  I need to be single for a while and enjoy it while I can!

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