Monday, April 16

Free Fallin'

Weirdest thing yesterday.

I'm standing at the corner of 5th Ave somewhere in the 80s waiting for the light to change. A group of women were behind me. I crossed as soon as the traffic light turned red, heard a commotion and turned around. One of the women was laying on the ground, apparently having tripped off of the curb. Her friends helped her up, so I kept walking.

Fast forward two hours later, I'm exiting the 57th and 7th station. As I'm walking up the stairs I hear another commotion, a woman slightly scream, and see a man's head looking down. In my mind the man and woman bumped into each other, causing all of her paperwork to fall onto the sidewalk and fly away in the breeze. (Why anyone would be carrying paperwork is beyond me.) When I got to the top of the stairs, the woman was on the ground! She fell too!

It was so random. I was extra careful of my footing for the rest of the day.

1 comment:

Stevie said...

It sounds like you have a super power!