Friday, April 13


In nicer news...

Last night I baby-sat Tron's lovely daughters, Macie and Sydney.  They are adorable, smart, and affectionate little ladies.  The Tron fam are vacationing in NYC this week, so after work I took them to the playground in Central Park, then we went back to the hotel and watched Enchanted before mom and dad came home.

A few things:

The sister dynamic is so foreign to me.  Growing up I had a few girlfriends with sisters and it seemed to be horribly competitive.  Shite, I grew up feeling Rippie was the better kid and he's a boy. 

Watching young sisters, it amazed me how Sydney (age 4) was determined to do everything Macie (age 7) did.  She climbed up on the monkey bars, shaking in fear, and refused to let me help her.  It was nice to see this side of sisterhood, where the oldest empowers the youngest to do things.  Maybe this is the same with all siblings, but I haven't seen it yet because my NYC friends' second children are still babies.  Also, they are all boys and, as sexist as this sounds, I feel like boys will always help each other. Girls, I don't know.  Girls can be mean, especially to their sisters.  I hope Macie and Sydney keep their loving and respectful relationship forever.

Get this.  NYC singles are douchebags!!  In the three blocks we walked to the park, we were cutoff, run over, and given dirty looks by all the childless (I assume) twenty and thirty somethings we passed.  I have never felt more shunned in this city in my life!  I have a whole new perspective on what having kids is like here.  I myself have rolled my eyes when I see some poor helpless mother pushing a stroller with two kids on either side, thinking "You're an idiot. Live in the suburbs." but now I get it.  Parents have every right to live here, too!!  Their kids will probably be cooler for it!

Even walking by bar windows I felt almost, I don't know, less than maybe?  Like I was missing out on the fun, even though I was having a blast with the girls and had no desire to drink with the boring suits in the bar.  It was an odd this what parenthood is like?  Loving your kids, but missing your freedom?  I WAS ONLY WITH THEM FOR THREE HOURS!

I was nervous about taking the kids out in the city.  What the hell do I know? Macie said, "We can't walk yet, there's a red hand."  Note to self, don't jaywalk with children.  Another note, don't offer something unless you know they can have it.  A horse drawn carriage went by and I said, "Oh maybe we can do that!" without thinking.  It was $60. We didn't do it. Luckily Macie's a cool kid and didn't mind.

Tron, your girls rule.  I had a lot of fun with them.

Self, we'd be a good mom.  I think one is enough, though. Lauren Marie McGee, I really hope we get to meet one day soon.

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