Tuesday, December 4

Everything else!

Non-lovelife post...

Things are going really well otherwise!!  I'm having a great time hanging with my buds, reading comics, watching movies, exploring NYC, and chillin' out.  AND CHRISTMAS IS COMING!! WOO HOOOO!!

I somewhat begrudingly resigned my lease yesterday.  I had it in my head I wouldn't be living in Delilah next year, so I was a little bummed.  I could have moved to a new apartment on my lonesome, but that would be silly.  I like my place, the location rules, and the price is right.  Not really worth the moving stress, so instead I decided to upgrade my living room furniture! Out with the hand-me-downs and college crap and in with adulthood!

Another reason for not moving is work.  The L.A. client is still on the table for Jan/Feb and now there's another client in Seattle that may hire Biz.  Fingers crossed!  Last week I found out the midtown client I've been at for two years (!!) is not renewing our contract.  It makes sense because there's not much to do at this point, hence the Facebooking and blogging during downtime.  My last day here is the 21st and I am SO glad.  The fun and interesting work I am doing at Stevie's firm (yay!) highlights the fact that I am ready for new opportunities and change.

What else...ah, health.  Yesterday I didn't feel well, like someone poured battery acid into my esophagus and it boiled in my tummy.  I'm guessing it was a gastritis flare up and not gluten related.  It was probably all of the boozing I did since Thursday plus the stressful conversations I had over the weekend.  I ate pretty light, drank a ton of fluids, and popped some Tums.  I feel MUCH better today, but still a little sore.  I have a lot of fun plans coming up, but I definitely need a break from the crazy marathon drinking and 2am spicy chorizo tacos!!

What are my fun plans?  I will tell you:

Tonight - Dinner with Spags, Socks, and Bacon

Tomorrow - Life of Pi with Juniper

Thursday - Therapy!  It is saving me....

Friday - Stevie's Birthday Party!

Saturday - Bring It On the Musical with the crew, I think.  I was supposed to go to my cousin's holiday party in NJ, but I don't want to see my parents and field questions about MDLL. Later on I'll hopefully meet up with Rolo who is in town this weekend. Yay!

Sunday - Visiting Furball in the Boogie Down

Phew. So much fun to be had, but now I need a nap!

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