Tuesday, March 24

Dating Data

An OKC guy asked me out and suggested we go to my usual pub. How weird is that?? We went out tonight. I had a really nice time!

I'm actually keeping a log of all the things I should/shouldn't do or say on dates. I think this one went well because I:

1. kept my vag in my pants.

2. was positive about my life even though I have no idea what I'm doing.

3. didn't talk about Company. Sadly I still make it sound like an ex-husband.

4. listened instead of waited to speak.

5. relaxed.

6. ordered something that was easy to eat and hard to make a mess of, even for me.

7. wasn't sarcastic. Some guys don't seem to get my sense of humor.

8. didn't offer to pay. I'm not sure if this matters or not, but the Millionaire Matchmaker says it does. Yes I'm pathetic, but at least I'm trying!

I think it also went well because he's super nice and personable. Cute, too! We have plans to go out again on Saturday.

Cheese, please!


carbon808 said...

Sounds like a PERFECT list of things... all of which I tried to keep in check when I was dating - well except company :P Glad it went well!!

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literating said...

These are all really great points, buddy. I'm glad you had a good date and ALWAYS listen to Patti Stanger. She knows what she's talking about.