Monday, March 30

A second date!

Holy crap, I actually had a second date. And holier crap, my list of things to do/not do FLEW out the window. At least I'm learning!

1. Do not go to a loud bar after dinner, especially one that is on an Argyle-sweater-wearing-golfer pub crawl. It is too easy to say okay to "This sucks, let's go to your place so we can hang out alone."

2. When specifically asked about leaving Company keep answer short and sweet: "Oh it was just time to go."

3. When specifically asked if I like my current job, say yes and leave it alone.

4. I realized for a negative person like myself, being positive means a whole lot of lying.

5. Listening to my tummy is a good thing.

6. I'm strangely attracted to lower lips. Nice, kissable, full ones. Or maybe just his.

7. Take Nyquil if he snores.

And the biggest thing I learned on my second date is that I am still a commitment-phobe. I like this guy, but I'm ready to walk away. Why though? What am I afraid of? That I'm going to get my hopes up and he won't like me back? Helloooo...been there, done that. See two posts back for christ sakes. What happens if I'm afraid he WILL like me back?

I don't like letting people in. Yes it's ironic to write that in a personal blog, but it's the truth. My "in" is too crazy for me to handle sometimes, how can I expect anyone else to handle it?

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BuddyWeb said...


Yes, good self-tip on giving answers.

Sometimes a short, uncomplicated, honest answer is better than the long, complicated, overly detailed honest answer.

Congrats on the second date.

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