Sunday, March 15


As promised last year, my birthday celebration kicked off with seeing Watchmen.

I liked and disliked it. Visually it was all there. Emotionally it wasn't. I realize now the overwhelming feelings I had at the theater came from me and my love of the book, not from the movie.

At this point, all that matters that Watchmen is getting more mainstream recognition. I love seeing people read it on the subway. I love walking past B&N and having a blood stained yellow happy face smile back at me. I love DC's After Watchmen campaign, a guide for people who would like to read more graphic novels, but aren't sure what to buy next.

I know there are some who would disagree, but I think all comic movies are good for the industry. Was I worried Watchmen would get fucked up? Of course and I don't think it did, but in the end, who cares? It doesn't change how I feel about the book and the characters. Even the worst comic movies don't stop longtime fans from reading. In my mind a comic film was a success if it gets one non-reader to buy his (or her!) first issue or graphic novel. Watchmen is doing just that, which is why I'm glad it was made, even if it didn't end up being one of my favorite films. Being one of my favorite books is enough for me!

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