Sunday, November 13


I am so grateful today. It's an unbelievably powerful feeling.

The past few days were filled with good health and good friends. I feel so blessed, lucky, and fortunate.

This weekend I went to yoga, shopping, Times Square for Super Marioland, ate tacos on 10th Avenue then walked back to 6th, visited Furball and his family in the Bronx, had late night drinks at Crazy Ass, visited with Jacks and her family, walked through Central Park from 89th Street down to 57th to the subway, and am now sitting in the home I love, watching the Giants, sharing my thoughts with the blogosphere.

Only five months ago I was barely able to get out of bed.

I am soul-crying. I've needed it. It's a shame I had to go through such a physically, emotionally, and mentally trying time to get here, to appreciate my life.

I'm glad I finally made it.

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