Thursday, December 29

Best. Christmas. Ever!

I had SUCH a great Christmas this year. Rippie and I went to No Idea on Thursday night, our annual pre-going-home-for-the-holidays drink up spot in the city. We went to Jackson the next day and that night I got to see my friend Annie for a bit. Saturday was filled with shopping, drinking, eating, football, movies, and midnight mass to hear my dad sing in the choir. Sunday was more eating and movies. Monday we went to my uncle's in Long Island, then made a last minute trip to Bay Ridge to see my favorite cousins Dawn, Jody, and their kids. I had so much fun with my family!! We laughed a lot and I truly enjoyed their company. YAY!

MDLL and I celebrated our Christmas last night. It was FANTASTIC. I can't stop smiling. His flight from Pittsburgh got to NYC around 6pm, so I decided to pick him up from the airport. I made a cheesy glittery sign with his last name on it to hold up and poured some vodka into a couple of seltzer water bottles so we can drink on the way home. He was glowing, I was glowing. It was all very glowy.

I really didn't know what to expect in terms of presents because MDLL never bought me one. He told me he was worried I wouldn't like what he bought. Well, he was wrong! SO WRONG!

I asked for a book on the history of the subway, which he got me. Everything else was a complete surprise: A CAMERA, because I mentioned I needed a new one like two months ago; a Captain America shield hoodie; a Star Wars lightsaber candle holder that is so friggin cool - this is what it says on the box: "You could win people over to the dark side of the Force by using mind tricks and fear tactics, but you prefer a gentler hand. A candlelit dinner, perhaps, followed by fresh-baked cookies. Let Vader's power shine over you both."; and last a Star Wars Lego toy which is creepy because I JUST decided I needed to start buying them like two weeks ago and didn't tell him! HE KNOWS ME!

I bought him a speaker dock for his iPod, a sleeve for his MacBook, the Steve Jobs book (Apple much?), Step-Brothers and MacGruber DVDs (his favorites of late), and a couple of nice cigars. He loved everything!! I KNOW HIM!

After presents he took me out for a nice steak dinner, then we came back to my place to get jiggy with it. SNOOTCH!

The past week was filled with friends, family, plenty of wonderful gifts, tons of laughs, and lots of love...easily the BEST. CHRISTMAS. EVER!

I hope your Christmas was awesome, too!!

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