Monday, December 19

Good thoughts! Healthy thoughts!

I've stayed pretty positive for a good month now. I don't want it to end! I do find myself a bit down today, though. I was a little nauseous and had the cold sweats in the evening. Once I ate dinner I felt fine.

Today I'm tired and a bit rundown. I'm trying to stay cool about it, but it's hard. I immediately go through the list of things I ate, what I did, etc., which sort of makes me feel worse because I'm playing the blame game with myself again. I don't think it's food related. It's quite possibly I'm getting my annual Christmas cold and flu.

I also have to admit to myself I went out a lot this week, more than I have in quite a while. Wednesday night MDLL came over and we almost polished off a bottle of vodka. (Sobieski is the shit!) I was in the mood to get my drink on and I succeeded! MDLL said he hadn't seen me that drunk in months. At around 1:30am I finally put myself to bed. Thursday I was hungover and hurting alllll daaaaay.

Friday I went out with my Minnow girls Ceej and Breen. It was so fun!! I miss those bitches. I drank a lot of vodka again, got home around midnight, then stayed up until 2am doing who knows what.

Saturday I woke up at 7am and couldn't go back to sleep. I went to yoga at 11am then took a two hour nap before heading into the city to do some Christmas shopping. I went to MDLL's apartment on my way home for dinner (delicious gluten-free pizza from Mozzarelli's!) and planned on calling it an early night. It didn't happen. We went to the Crazy Ass holiday party around 10pm and left at around 2am to carry home the flat screen TV he won at their raffle. WOO HOOO!! We were up until about 3am setting it up and watching a bit of Star Wars.

The NEXT morning (haven't you missed these kinds of posts?) I woke up at 8am, couldn't go back to sleep, blah blah blah skip to feeling crappy in the evening until I ate dinner. I slept a solid ten hours and I might do it again tonight.

The Steelers are playing Monday Night Football, so I told MDLL I'd come over and watch the game with him. I think I need to just go home. I don't want to get sick and we have a date tomorrow night anyways. He's going home to Pittsburgh for a week on Wednesday, so I want to spend tomorrow with him before he leaves. I'm really sad we aren't spending Christmas together. Here's hoping we will from now on!

Anyhoooo...I wrote this post for myself. I mean, I write all of them for myself, but I'm bummed about not feeling well and I need to stop freaking out...

Dear Thighs,

I know we've been through a lot this year and you're worried it's going to get bad again. It won't! I PROMISE. Just two weeks ago we had a gluten attack and felt awesome after a few days. It will pass! Every Christmas we get some sort of bug or flu, so that's very well what could be happening right now. Also, we partied a lot this week, so it could be a massive drawn out hangover. We're still healthy overall!

Relax. We didn't do anything wrong, except act like we're a drunk twenty-something again. Stop feeling guilty you're hurting our body. The guilt is making you feel worse. Next time we have to remember we don't like being hungover and we need our sleep!

Self-inflicted boozing ills aside, sickness is a part of life. It's going to happen no matter how hard we try to avoid it. Say something did happen, what do we know now? We know we like and trust our doctor, we know we have good support in our friends, we know Mom and Dad will come running to our rescue, and we know we will be strong and face it head on. We are not alone.

Go home, relax, watch TV, and got to bed early. After a good night's sleep tonight, I'm sure we'll feel like a zillion bucks tomorrow.



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