Thursday, December 22

Yay good thoughts!

Yaaaayyy! The good thoughts worked!

I had a three day hangover. The morning nausea seems to be related to the rice cake with peanut butter I was eating for breakfast almost all week. At first I thought it was due to taking a stronger dose of Synthroid on an empty stomach. Actually it could still be that...I was fine yesterday morning when I didn't eat the rice cake and had a huge dinner the night before at Uno's. I hate going to chains in the city, but they have a gluten free menu! The pizza was okay; Mozzarelli's on 23rd Street is loads better. HIGHLY recommend it. Anyways, I didn't eat much dinner last night, ate a rice cake this morning, and voila - nausea.

Besides the morning yucks, I feel fantastic! It's been a great week! My male boss, who I guess I'll call Miron since my female boss is Iron, called me into his office and closed the door. He barely ever talks to me, so I'll admit I was a bit nervous. Well, they still love me and I'm getting a 10% bonus! Yay! Moola plans:

1.10% to charity. It's time to pay it forward! I'm thinking local NYC ones. Please let me know if you have a charity you'd like me to donate to.

2. Take MDLL out on a nice date.

3. A bunch of us are going to New Orleans for Rockstar's 40th birthday in February, so now that's paid for!

4. Boots. The weather has been so nice that I've been able to get away without a pair, but it's bound to snow soon.

5. Taxes and debt. I'm not sure what's going to happen with my taxes this year. This is my first job where I don't have ANY pre-tax deductions. Hopefully I don't end up owing. If I don't, the rest of my bonus is going right to my debt. If I do, I'm fortunate to be able to pay! I was just saying to Juniper last night that I don't mind paying taxes. I just wish I knew where it all went.

My brother Rippie is flying in from LA right now. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIM! I'm heading home right at 5pm and starting my four day weekend. Next week I'll probably work from home, then I have another four day weekend. LIFE IS GRAND!

There's only one thing I'm a bit bummy about, but it's not so bad. In fact, it's better than bad - it's good!

MDLL left for Pittsburgh last night. He's gone for a week. It's the longest we've been apart, not counting our five thousand break ups. I cried!! I miss him sooooo much and I'm bummed we can't spend Christmas together. So why is this a good thing? I am so incredibly thankful and blessed to have found someone I love and know they love me back. The more I miss him, the more I know he is The One. YAAAAAYYYY!!!

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