Tuesday, October 9

Nice Furball

I saved these IMs from Furball.  I have no idea when he wrote them.

Don't tell anyone he was nice. He doesn't like anyone to know...

Maybe Spring 2010?:

Furball: see, i think you should totally write something, not in the comic book vein, but take the voice you use on your blog and create a character around it. You have a great ability to form a consistent voice when writing, and if you built a narrative around it, whether it's autobiographical or not, I think it would make for a great read
I know you're all into the drawing and stuff, but I think writing is where it's at for you
Sent at 10:26 AM on Thursday

Furball:  see, I think if you wrote a novel around your character's (whether it's you or not) adventures in the city as the anti-glamour single woman in NYC in the style and voice you use on your blog, you'd have a good chance at getting interest in it
hell, even Joe freaking Q told you that you were a good writer
Sent at 10:28 AM on Thursday

me: Aw! Sorry I was in the bathroom...leg fell asleep. LOL! I think this is the nicest thing you ever wrote to me. Thanks!

Maybe 2011?:

Furball: couple of things I got from the training, one about you and one about Company
first of all, we had this big discussion about Business Analysts and their value to projects (as opposed to Solution Architects and Developers)
and how 1. BAs are crucial to projects and that projects often fail because of bad or incomplete BA work, and that the good places recognize this and compensate BAs accordingly
2. That good BAs are essentially Power Information Workers, meaning that they're Super Users in whatever systems they're good at, so that they can communicate with the techie and business folks
made me think of you, because you've been put in that position several times, but not at all compensated for it. One consultant said his company pays BAs almost at the same rate as Solution Architects (which is what I sort of am)
I say this BECAUSE I think you already have the skillset to be a good BA, especially in Oracle, but probably in anything, if that's what you want to do
and hearing other people in the industry say these things confirmed it
long story short, I'm trying to kick your ass to get out of what you're doing and do something where you can use your skills an be appreciated/compensated
Sent at 9:50 AM on Wednesday

Furball: the end

me: Awww...thanks Furbie!! I really appreciate you saying that.

Furball is typing...

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