Wednesday, October 3


I just found out Rem is a Republican and voting for Romney.

Why is accepting this so hard???

Instead of saying why I'm voting Obama, I decided to write him an email sharing my beliefs.

I believe we should:

- help those who can't help themselves. No American should starve because they can't afford food or be homeless.
- have universal healthcare and offer free wellness programs
- spend more money on education to allow kids to go to school who otherwise can't afford it and to give teachers and schools the resources (books, materials, computers etc) to do well
- give veterans unlimited resources to get back on their feet after serving, including free therapy sessions to help them adjust to becoming a civilian
- allow women should have the right to choose to have an abortion
- allow gay men and women the right to marry and adopt
- educate the masses on religion, race, and culture
- change the tax brackets on all personal taxes to fit the federal income tax model (ie raise capital gains tax to 35%) to start
- take environmental issues more seriously and do what we can to address climate change and reduce our carbon footprint
- use tax payers money to strengthen infrastructure - roads, buildings, bridges, create more mass transit
- reduce the deficit by cutting spending and raising taxes for the time being
- legalize and tax marijuana, although I understand concerns you can't tell when someone is stoned while driving
- legalize and tax prostitution with mandatory HIV/STD tests
- continue to support Israel, although I'm not sure what I think about going to war with Iran yet
- withdraw from Afghanistan
- cut military and defense spending
- stop using 9/11 and other terrorist acts as an excuse to take away civil liberties
- immigration is the biggest gray area for me. I don't think people should be here illegally, but I do think if a child is born here of illegal parents, the child should be a citizen. It's not their fault. It's also not an immigrants fault if they were brought here by a corporation.
- educate all Americans on how to eat right and exercise, and ensure communities have access to affordable and organic fruits and vegetables
- not give tax breaks and incentives to the beef or corn industry as it is contributing to our health problems
- gun control needs to be tighter - raise the tax and price, mandatory psychiatric evaluation, limits on the amount of firearms per household

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