Tuesday, October 9

The Other Dress

Five more days until Socks' wedding!! WOO HOOOOO!!  So excited!!

Since I've failed to lose the 5-8 pounds I was hoping to shed to wear The Dress, I have decided to wear The Other Dress.  It's the too-much-backfat-for-a-strapless-dress dress.  I've already worn it to a few other weddings, so while I am a little bored with it, it's comfy and cute.

That being said, the shopper in me might go out looking for another dress because a) I love spending money and b) I love the challenge of finding an outfit last minute.  I'm pretty sure I found The Other Dress the day before Megkefel's wedding.  It was crumpled up underneath a sales rack at Macy's.  I sure got my $50 worth!

I'm bummed I didn't lose enough weight, but I'll get over it.  After all of these years, I have finally admitted to myself I am not goal-oriented.  I used to fill journals with calculations of, "If I lose 2 pounds a week for the next 15 weeks, I will look great for the first day of school."  It never worked.  I'm too rebellious to be goal-oriented.

The truth is, it's not my fault I can't fit into The Dress.  I blame Socks* for not getting married last year when I was afraid to eat!  Damn you!

*No I don't.  Ha! SO EXCITED!

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