Wednesday, October 10


I lost three more pounds this morning. Yay!  Of course once I moved my scale and tried again, I was back up to 178.  Why didn't I just stop while I was ahead?  I should get a digital one...

I can't be bothered with work today. Too many exciting things on the horizon!  I'm seeing Iron tomorrow night for the first time since June.  Saturday is New York Comic-Con. Sunday is wedding time.  I just found out Janeypants will be in town, so I'll hopefully see her Monday or Tuesday.  I'm free the rest of the week until Friday WHEN MDLL'S MOM COMES TO VISIT. Gaaaahhhh!!  I know I'm going to freak out the whole time. I'm good with parents, but this is different.  This might be a mother-in-law one day. Weird.  Two days later we're off to Puerto Rico!! WOOT!

The days I'm home being a hermit will be filled with my Netflix queue. I have 100 movies and TV shows waiting to be watched.  It is my fall/winter project.  I finally got around to watching Firefly (which I own) then Serenity.  Excellent show and movie.  It's a shame it got cancelled - said everyone in 2003.  I'm always behind the times...

Is it 5:30pm yet?

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