Wednesday, May 20

Boy Update

I don't have too much to report in the boy department. The guy I wrote my dating do's and don'ts post about only lasted, shit was it even two weeks? Eh. I'm over it.

I met another guy right around the same time. Bacon, Jules, and I walked into a pub on Good Saturday*. The guy was sitting at the bar and the minute I saw him I thought we had to make out. Yes, he had red hair. It's a sickness I tell ya! I have Gingervitis!

I'm trying to cool down my aggressiveness when it comes to hitting on guys. I can be a bit much. I impatiently waited for him to approach me for a good hour or so, then gave up and introduced myself when he walked by. We talked, we made out, and we really hit it off. I was excited to see him again.

We were supposed to hang out the next day, but I never heard from him. I psychoedly (word?) texted a breezy "Hey! How was the rest of your weekend?" to which he replied with a "Sorry I didn't call, my phone died." Ah yes, the death of the cell phone. Best-worst excuse ever.

Excuse or not, we ended up hanging out the next night. We hit a couple of bars**, came back to my place, made out, fooled around a bit, and DID NOT HAVE SEX. I'm proud of myself!

I think we both had plans the next few days so we said we'd try to get the following week. He blew me off twice, both by text messages. The last one said, verbatim, "Too hungover to hang out. Sorry." I didn't respond. Another week went by and I got a text out of nowhere saying, "Hey stranger! How have you been?" I still haven't responded. Again, so proud!

I think this is the first time in my life that I'm set some dating boundaries and not for me, for them! I guess I always feel like if I don't call back or put myself out there it means I'm not making an effort. I realize now that setting boundaries doesn't mean I'm giving up on love, it means I'm protecting myself and raising the bar. If a guy likes me, he better fucking call, none of this texting bullshit. We don't need to have an hour long phone call, just a few minutes so that we can have a real conversation and make plans. And I'm sorry, but I ain't no booty call either. I'm the girl, I'll call you if I want to get laid. Punk.

So that's my latest guy story. No real prospects the last couple of weeks, but that's okay. I need a break.

*The day before Easter.

**Funny story, at one of the bars my date was taking a while in the bathroom. I thought and sort of said out loud, "I wonder if he's texting or shitting." I started laughing and accidentally caught the eye of the guy walking by me at the same time. I have no idea if he heard what I said or not, I just hope he didn't think I was laughing at him. Why does it matter? Because the guy was Paul Rudd. I love him, even though he gave me the "You're a freak" look***.

***Keep head straight, look out of corner of eye, crinkle forehead, raise one eyebrow (if possible), sneer without sneering.

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