Thursday, May 28

Gotta Go!

I have a summer Friday tomorrow (thank Shizza we still got them!) and every cell in my body wants to get out of the fucking city. I don't care where I go, how much I spend (lie), or how I get there, I MUST LEAVE NYC.

The "problem" is I can't pick where to go! I don't feel like going to Philly, Baltimore, or DC. Spags has to work in CT. Last minute flights aren't as cheap as I thought they would be. I could go to my parents' house to borrow their car and go to the shore, but it's supposed to rain, plus Jackson isn't much of a vacation for me, although it might be fun to go to Great Adventure and scare the poop out of myself on some thrill rides.

I obsessively searched online for ideas all morning. By 1pm, I had decided to either go to Cooperstown or Providence. I've always wanted to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame and Ommegang Brewery up in Ctown. I could rent a car and drive the 5 hours or take the train to Albany, rent a car there, and drive only 1 hour instead. That's a lot of traveling for an overnight trip by my lonesome. Rippie was the one who suggested Providence. I never would have thought to go there, probably because Rhode Island doesn't exist unless I'm watching Family Guy. It sounds like a nice town and it's only a three hour ride on Amtrak. I almost bought the tickets, but I couldn't make up my mind! This indecisiveness went on until I crashed around 4:30pm. My post-manic frenzy exhaustion is a lot like the end of a sugar high; I could barely keep my eyes open and the last thing I wanted was chocolate or, in this case, to travel anywhere but home.

So here I am at 10pm (do you know where your children are?) and still no plan for tomorrow. I'm less anxious about leaving the city and more anxious to just find something cool to do. I usually have my summer planned out by now, so I guess that's why I feel aimless and bored. What to do, what to do, what to do...

Universe, I am very grateful that my "problem" is a nice one!

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