Sunday, May 31

Yesterday in Pictures

There's no middle ground when it comes to my manic behavior. It's all about the extremes. Take for instance Friday, the day I needed to get the fuck out of the city, changed my mind, and didn't end up leaving my apartment at all except to get some cold cuts around 8:30pm. I had a hankering for ham and cheese.

I sure as hell made up for my hermitry (word?) yesterday. Here's my day in pictures:

10:00am - Jules and I went up to The Cloisters on 190th Street. It's a branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art dedicated to mostly European medieval works. I loved the Unicorn Tapestries, even though I didn't take any pictures of them:

1:30pm - Did you ever feel like you're exactly where you're supposed to be? The admission to The Cloisters gets you into The Met as well, so I decided to head over to the UES to get my money's worth. I randomly hopped off the bus on 110th and Amsterdam to take pictures of a couple churches that caught my eye. WELL. It was an amazing experience. The churches were beautiful, but what was surrounding them was breathtaking.

My second favorite statue of all time, The Peace Fountain:

I didn't know white peacocks existed:

Then I found another peacock walking a few feet away. Absolutely beautiful:

2:30pm - Grabbed a slice at Mimi's Pizza on 83rd and Lexington. Not actual slice eaten:

3 - 6pm - Continuing the trend of being at the right place at the right time, The Met happened to be doing a retrospective on an artist I really like, Francis Bacon. I first heard of him a few months ago when I saw the below painting at the MOMA. As sick as this will sound, I find his disturbing images comforting. If I ever do let go creatively, who knows what will come out?

I also really enjoyed Cindy Sherman's photography. I can't find the piece I liked the most, so here's another cool one:

6pm - 7:30pm - DSW in Union Square. I didn't buy anything, but I did snap a picture of what looked like an outlaw (illegal rave) in the park. There were a bunch of tourists clapping and cheering while the kids danced around in their big pants and colorful outfits. I was waiting for an E train, but no luck.

Then I popped by my friend's apartment for dinner and drinks. Sorry no pictures, I was too busy stuffing my face. I didn't get home until was a fantastically fun-filled day!

Today I did nothing. Extremes.

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ctina said...

days like that are awesome! you went right by my 'hood -- I am near st. john the divine & the peacocks and the park. i love francis bacon and cindy sherman.. you know she's the subject of all her photos, right? What I'd like to know is -- who is taking the picture?