Monday, May 17

About that 10K...

Paint me redder and slap me silly, I've run about six times the past couple of weeks in order to prepare for the 10K in June.

Gmaps Pedometer says I ran around 2.3 miles and walked an additional 3 tonight. I love this website.

I was feeling pretty good until my right butt cheek started hurting. Coach Bacon said it was the hills. Screw you hills! And while I'm at it, screw humidity too! It's hard for me to run when it's hot out. My chest gets tight and my skin gets all blotchy and purple. Fucking mutant.

Dear Mother Nature,

Please make the weather 40 degrees and clear on the morning of June 12, 2010 for my 10K race. I'm not a heat person and will have a difficult time running if it's hot out. Forty is cool for June, but it's not a stretch as NYC weather is already pretty manic. That's not a complaint - it suits my own mania.

I don't recall asking you for too many favors, except maybe to not give me lady-time during sex-with-a-new-partner-time. Unless it's someone I don't like, then they deserve the wounded clam.

The only other favor I might need is if I get married and want an outdoor wedding. Then again if I'm screwing guys I don't like I probably won't cash this one in.

Race, clam, wedding.



Jennifer Juniper said...

Nasty, Thighs, just nasty.

But for your sake, I hope you get this cool day. Especially if I'm in Philly and it's warm there. ;-)

lou said...

send your prayer to Al Gore, along with a check or money order, and he'll give you the weather you want.