Saturday, May 29

F-U-N, FUN! Part 1

PHEW! Today wraps up a week and a half of non-stop fun. I went on a bit of a tear lately, which of course means I am now broke for the next two weeks AGAIN. Whatever. It was worth it. I need to focus on the 10K anyways, so this is a good time to be a hermit.

What the hell is that smell?? It's like Raid and charcoal. Gross. I guess I'll do a rundown...

May 19th - Yankees game. It's official, I do not like Yankee Stadium. It's too sterile. I'm going to another game in August and I'm pretty sure it will be the last time I pay for a game (I'll never give up free baseball tickets!). Citi Field is so much better.

May 21st - I had a very crappy day at work, but it ended on a high note. My boss Nun frequents the Minnow bar almost every night, so I told him he should buy me a beer. He did (two, in fact) and we had a nice time shooting the shit. (Ha! I don't think I've ever used that phrase before.) He had to leave and catch his train before I finished my beer and on the way out he told the bartender he'll pay for whatever else I drink. As a joke I had them run up a fake bill with $200 worth of Jameson and Guinness. Nun laughed his ass off when I gave it to him. It was nice to have a fun moment with a work peep. I've been taking it too seriously lately.

After I left the bar I ran into yet another old flame. That is four in three months!! WTF?? Either this city's getting smaller or I really do hit on anyone with a pulse...

I met Mr. J last Easter. He's the one who didn't call for a couple of weeks so I wrote him off. I walked past him in Times Square and did a double take. I didn't recognize him at first, so I slowly walked up to and said "Mr. J?" He beamed. It was quite flattering. We talked for a good 20 minutes or so. He said he was disappointed we didn't stay in touch and that he still thinks of me from time to time. We decided to try again to see what happens. He seems very interested in hanging out, calls or texts me every other day. I'm not sure what I think yet. Physically and personality-wise he is totally my type. I guess only time will tell about the rest.

A funny side-note, my screen name for dating websites is some variation of Harley Quinn, the Joker's girlfriend. My tagline for a while used to be "Looking for my Mr. J." It's kind of cute I could possibly have found him. Or not...

because then (this is still just one night!) I hung out with Mick again. More on this later.

May 22nd - Beer tasting/food pairing party with a lovely group of Rolo's friends. I wanted to bring something seasonal, so I chose Dogfish Head ApriHops, an American IPA brewed with apricots. The interweb recommended pairing it with Mexican, salad, barbecue, or seafood, so in the interest of keeping the meal light and healthy I made guacamole and a walnut pear salad. Did you catch that?? I MADE something!! I absolutely positively love guacamole and I must say it came out fantastic. The salad was delicious as well. I picked it because one of the ingredients for the dressing was apricot nectar. The pairing was perfect!

Two things I learned while preparing the food: one, I now know what cilantro is and two, that I do not own a peeler but I do own six bottle openers.

The night was capped off with the a trip to one of the diviest bars in the neighborhood. It reminded me of a Knights of Columbus. Total crap. My only beef with the place was that the beers were oddly expensive and only available in bottles. No taps, no cans. There should have been cans.

May 23rd - I headed into the city to check out my friend's friend's show, James Adamo Acoustic Band. They were great!! The bassist was really cute (CRAP. I DO hit on everyone!) so we talked for a while. He lives in Syracuse though, so I left without giving him my number. I'm lazy.

Next up was Deluxx Fluxx, an art installation of retrofitted arcade games with cool graphic images on screen and off.

Arcade images:

On screen image:

There was also a black light room covered in posters and a psychedelic foosball table. Flashback city.

May 24th - Dinner and drinks with the lovely Spags, Bakes, and Socks.

May 25th - Drinks with Tron and other work peeps. I asked IT for a job. I want to get out of publishing, but if they offered me something I'd take it. For now.

May 26th - Comic Strip Live with Juniper. Very funny, check out John Roy. Question - why do all comedy clubs have two drink minimums?

May 27th - A drink with Nas. He and his roommate were watching the Mets game at a nearby bar, so I joined them for a bit. He is totally sweet, but I don't have the hots for him. Oh well...

I'm splitting this into two posts because I have to pee, this shit is getting long, and this past weekend deserves its own!!

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