Monday, May 31

F-U-N, FUN! Part 2


May 28th - Drinks with Rockstar, Xtina, and Bakes. I was hitting it off with some guy (TWO CRAPS!), but it turns out he is engaged. He was polite about it by giving me the We-bomb early on, but what the fuck? Why don't guys have to wear engagement rings!?!?! It's false advertising!! When I get engaged, I'm going to brand "TAKEN" on my fiance's forehead. Hopefully that will keep floosies like me away...

After the guy told me he was getting hitched I wanted to move onto his single friends, but Mr. J showed up. I was happy to see him of course, it's just that I had an Austin Powers/Fembot moment. I didn't know where to look or who to flirt with. It was peni-overload, so Mr. J and I went to another bar. I really do enjoy spending time with him, I'm just not ready to make any decisions yet.

May 29th - Notice something missing from these days? RUNNING. I am a total slacker. I ran Saturday morning, but it was shitty. Only 12 days left to get my ass in gear!

A couple hours later Juniper and I headed over to Citi Field for a tour of the stadium. If you are a Mets fan, GO!! GO NOW! Ten bucks gets you into all of the clubs, the press box, the field, the dugout, the locker room, everywhere. It is so fun!!! Check out my pics!

There's also a new bar in the stadium too, with a very nice, pretty cute bartender who has a girlfriend (THREE CRAPS!). The place is ginormous and reasonably priced for the most part. There's a 20% post-tour discount, too!

Later that night Mick and I met up at a new bar in the hood. I love this place. Great beers on tap, peanut shells on the floor, classic rock in the jukebox. What more could I ask for?? I'd totally give it a shout out by name, but my intuition is telling me not to. Why? I don't know...probably because the owner was hitting on me before Mick got there and I sort of liked it (INFINITY CRAPS!).

So. Mick. We are friends with benefits. I'm obviously a bit boy crazy lately (always?), so I know I'm not ready for a commitment with him or anyone else right now. This bothers me because I really do want love and to settle down soon, it's just that I'm not sure if I met my blurple balloon yet. I have this feeling he's going to appear soon though, so I want to keep my options open for as long as possible. Or at least until one of the eighty guys I talked to this past week turns into him.

May 30th - BBQ at Eronica's. It was a blast! They put out an amazing spread. Holy balls, this is what I ate yesterday: at least a pound of hummus and Sun Chips, chicken sausage, regular sausage, a cheeseburger, grilled chicken, two homemade beef and potato empanadas, quinoa with avocado, grilled veggies, rice and beans, pork shoulder, brisket, and a slice of carrot cake. HOLY. BALLS. I was completely sober even though I drank six beers and a shot of coffee flavored Patron.

The party was so much fun that the seven hours I was there flew by. The day ended with a great fireworks show in a nearby park. Yeah summer!

Today! - I SHOT A GUN. Juniper and I headed out to the Poconos with some friends this morning for a day at the shooting range. I was soooo nervous all week. I kept thinking it's killing practice. That's it. There's absolutely no other reason to learn how to use a gun except to kill something. This idea frightened me, but I felt like it's something I'd rather know how to do rather not do. Like drive stick. (Can someone teach me how to drive stick?)

I'm so glad I went!! The place was safe, controlled, and organized. And LOUD. SO LOUD. I now understand why silencers exist. Whoa...creepy.

I shot a 9mm, .38 revolver, a .22 (I think), AK-47, shotgun, and sniper rifle. I'm a good shot! Thank you Area 51! The shotgun was the coolest for me, although sitting looking through a scope on the sniper rifle was pretty badass. Again, killing practice. Who am I!?!?!?

I got home three hours ago after enjoying some post-shootin' ribs and ice cream. I must say it was a great fucking weekend and an even greater couple of weeks. I love my friends, I love boys, I love being able to try new things and have a social life. I love living in NYC, I love my home, I love having the means to fuck around and have a good time. Yes, those means are gone again due to some poor spending/planning on my part but seriously, I am no longer complaining about being "broke". I am finally starting to appreciate what I have and enjoy my life and constant shenanigans. That's my nickname for a reason!

To top all this f-u-n off, I'm only working three days this week because I have a summer Friday. How cool is that!?!? The fun never ends!!

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