Monday, May 10

Mommers Day

My mom's birthday is May 7th so every year we do a joint birthday/Mother's Day celebration. This usually consists of lunch, a movie, an argument, and me crying on the way home. Not this year though...

I am so happy to share that I had a GREAT time with my mom on Saturday. CAPS LOCK GREAT!

My dad dropped her off here in the morning on his way to visit his mom in upstate NY. Actually I think she's only 20 miles west of the city, but I consider anything outside of NYC "upstate." (Where the hell is Westchester??)

We had a big breakfast at a local diner, then headed into the city to see Babies at the Landmark Theater. It's a documentary about the first year in the life of four babies from California, Mongolia, Japan, and Namibia. It is amazing to see how differently each is raised, yet how similar they are in disposition and development. My mom and I both loved it.

From there we walked around a bit, did some shopping, got ice cream, then came back to Astoria for some evening drinking.

My parents aren't big drinkers. I've seen them drunk more now in recent years and even then it's only like three times total for my mom. WELL. After two 007s (orange vodka, orange juice, and 7Up), some funnies:

1. I admitted that it's hard for me to buy her Mother's Day cards because they always say, "Mother, you are the fire that lights my candle." or "Mom, You are my best friend. I miss making cookies and hugging." She laughed and said she had the same problem with buying cards for her mom. I told her I made up some in my head:

"Thanks for teaching me how to curse like a truckdriving sailor."

"Menopause doesn't erase the past, just your memories of it."

"I'm glad you got knocked up with me."

"I showed my love by pulling my punches."

"I'm sorry I stole your weed and replaced it with oregano."

"I know Rip's your favorite. I'm dealing."

2. She sang "clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right" while pointing at the annoying pubcrawlers on either side of her.

3. Repeated quote - "Are you sure there's really vodka in here?"

4. Another quote - "Man I should have made you start drinking when you were 8. We would have gotten along so well!"

5. She held onto me as we walked to get food because "she didn't want to be like one of those old Bay Ridge drunks stumbling down the sidewalk in broad daylight."

6. My mom never shuts up. (Shocking.) We were watching TV - she on the couch, me on the floor - when I realized she was quiet. Too quiet. I looked up to see her focusing on eating her chinese food with such intent that I thought she was going to inhale it through her forehead.

While some of the above may sound bad, it's classic Thighs family nonsense. We laughed a ton, had some nice fluffy chats, and enjoyed each other's company. My mom really is a cool, smart, caring, and funny woman. Sometimes it's hard to see past the past, but at least now I know it can be done. All it takes is some babies and some alcohol.

I love you, Mom. "Thanks for passing on the crazy."

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Melissa said...

I'm so glad the two of you had a nice time together. A little alcohol can make everything easier. God I can't wait until Evan is weaned!