Sunday, March 23

Random Diary Entry: April 7, 1986

Today is Monday, April 7, 1986. Today is the 125th day of school. I would like to tell you about Friday the 28th, Saturday the 29th, and Sunday the 30th. Friday I had to go shopping for Easter shoes. I got white ones with little holes in it shaped like a heart. When I got out of the store I saw Alison, Lynn, Beatrice, and their Grandma [Ed note: my neighbors]. Then when I was on my way home I saw Mrs. Maniaci, Mr. Maniaci, and baby Michael [Ed note: my teacher and her family]. We couldn't really get a chance to talk because we were in the street. I had fun.

Saturday we all went out. We had fun.

Sunday I went to my Aunt's and Uncle's house. When I woke up I saw my Easter basket. I got a Mad magazine, a coloring book , and a comic book. I had fun.

I love sharing entries from this diary for a few reasons. One, it was the first of many. Thank you Mrs. Maniaci, wherever you are. The Daily Dairy is probably the best assignment I was ever given. Two, it cracks me up. And three, my other diaries are sad as fuck. I'll probably share them at some point, but for now I'd rather relive 8 then 18.

Cool to note: I don't remember what comic book I got in my Easter basket that year, but I still have the Mad magazine. In fact I loved the issue so much that my mom got me a subscription. I think she finally cancelled it when I went to Rutgers. I still have all of them, too.

HA! I just realized that could be why I have a sick sense of humor!

DOUBLE HA! Maybe that's why I like redheads too...because of Alfred E. Neuman!!

On second thought, nah. He's kind of butt for a redhead. Sorry Alfred. "What, me worry?"


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I love how they all start "I would like to tell you about..." haha Awesome! :-P