Monday, March 3

Write now.

I have about nine different posts I want to write up, but for some reason I can't get started. So, let's babble (something I ALWAYS do...hee hee):

Diet Dr. Pepper really does taste like regular Dr. Pepper.

I can't believe I am turning 30 in six days. Am I bothered by this? I think I am. I never wanted to be one of those chicks who cares about her age, but I care! I just...I don't know...

You know what? My angst has nothing to do with getting older. I'm stuck in the past! All I keep thinking is...

Where the fuck have I been my whole life?

I feel like my head has been up my ass. I feel like all the pain and suffering I did growing up means nothing now...but isn't that the point?? Part of me feels a little gypped. Why couldn't I know then what I know now?!?!?!

Fuuuuckkk, what the hell was I THINKING??? Do you people KNOW what I've done??? Chances are YES because for some reason I thought I needed to blab about how many car bombs I've done in a row or random dudes I banged in a night or things I stole or foreign objects I've stuck in strangers asses. I AM AN IDIOT!! ARRRGGGHHH!!

Closure. I need closure. I need to shut down that shit and move on with my life. My friend Ruth said it best...

30s are great! Don’t curl up into a little ball and sob – it’s the best decade. Shed all that 20s-style ‘where am I going with my life’ introspection and start living it!

Bear with me. This may be a long week.

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