Wednesday, June 11

And I was in IT for awhile...

Science experiment time:

  • Hold your mouse in your right hand. 
  • Take note of where your thumb, ring finger, and pinkie touch your mouse pad or desk.
  • Slide your mouse around without changing the position of your fingers.
  • Done.
I have no idea if you hold your mouse the same way I do, but remember when I said some of my keys were turning blue? Yeah well now they are green. I just figured out why.

I use a notebook as a mouse pad. Apparently the oils in my thumb, ring finger, and pinkie have sucked up some of the cover ink.

Now guess the colors of my notebooks.

I'm an idiot.

I was wondering why my space bar, colon, apostrophe, and return keys were the only ones changing...

1 comment:

Bridget Rockstar!! said...


that makes sense. magic eraser should fix your problem!! make sure it is mostly dry of course. glad it wasn't a bad batch of plastic!

you can further celebrate your mack-ness by dumping the mousepad entirely, you only need one for a trackball mouse. PC people clutter their desks with unnecessary things, not us! (not that I don't have other clutter. drat.)