Wednesday, June 18

Thank you Past Thighs!

I am loving Past Thighs lately. She's a genius!

Next weekend I'm off to Chicago for Mother Jugs' bachelorette party. I held off buying a ticket thinking I would get a cheap last minute package flight. Wouldn't you know it, flights dropped from $300 to $205, but not the days I wanted. With taxes and everything I paid $344; remind me never to do this again. It pains me to think think last September I only paid $160 roundtrip...

At this point I'm too damn excited about the trip to care about the cost of the flight. I'm going to see my Baconista Heather, catch a Cubs game, stop in at the Wizard World Comic Con, possibly meet up with Fish, and then party the rest of the weekend away with the Petes, MJ, and her Chicago friends. Now I'm really excited!!

So why is Past Thighs a genius? I signed up for a ton of travel site fare watcher email blast thingies and the only way to turn them off is to login and unsubscribe. I sat here for a full minute trying to remember what my password was for three sites, when I thought, "Hey maybe Past me knew I'd forget and made them all the same." Guess what?? She did!!!

I feel like Bill and Ted did when they needed to steal Ted's dad's keys only to figure out that Future Bill and Ted already stole the keys and hid them exactly where Present Bill and Ted wanted the keys to be. Most excellent.

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Li'l Jen said...

Most excellent! hahahaha