Tuesday, June 17

Sorry Con Ed...

My brother told me to go see The Orphanage in theaters last summer. I think his text message said something like, "Go see The Orphanage. You'll like it. Really scary."

Scary for me is less about the gore and more about the eerie, quiet moments. My heart stops whenever a dark figure runs across the screen or something appears and then disappears. Case in point, I think one of the scariest moments in Nightmare on Elm Street is when human Krueger peers out from behind a tree and a second later he's gone. Most people probably don't remember this scene, but I do and it's bothering me just thinking about it.

I never got around to watching The Orphanage until tonight. I think it's right up there with Lady in White and The Others: thoughtful, smart, and full of eerie. It's not a typical horror flick by any means, but I think it will sit with you. Especially one character that I won't mention. I keep looking behind me to see if he's just standing there....oh my god...I'm seriously all tensed up right now! I think I need to stop typing and sit with my back against a wall to be safe.

Sorry Con Ed, but my lights are staying on tonight. I blame Rippie.


Andrey do Amaral said...

well, brother is brother. Congratulations! ;-)

jenn said...

i rented the orphanage from netflix last month - i agree, scary in an eerie way.