Thursday, June 5

First Baseball Trip of '08

I've seen the Mets three times this year so far. The first game I went to I happened to wear these cute red undies with little white and pink hearts. The Mets won that night so now I make it a point to wear the same pair to each game.

My friend Webby ended up having an extra ticket to the game Sunday night, so he asked me to come with. I said of course because I love going to games, plus I just happened to be wearing my red heart undies again so I knew the Mets would definitely win. (Sidenote: I keep saying "undies" because I hate the word "panties." The only time I like that word is when a guy with a low, sexy voice says to take them off.) It ended up being a great night. Not only did the Mets win, but something else really cool happened too...

Webby's seats are awesome. They are directly behind home plate in the Loge, about 6 rows from the protection net thingie. The aisle separating the box seats is directly in front of his own, so the only slightly bad thing is that people walk by all the time. You get used to it though and if it wasn't for one of those passersby, I would be in a lot of pain right now.

You know how stadiums play silly things on the Jumbotron between innings? One of the things Shea does is a trivia contest: they pick a fan, ask him a multiple choice question, and the fan answers by holding up a card with either A, B, C, or D on it. Easy enough. Well Sunday night they happened to seat the quizzees directly in front of Webby's seats. He didn't want to be on the Jumbotron so he went to get beer. I, shy person that I am, waved like a moron while texting Furbie (He was in the upperdeck with his family. Suckas.) to look at the screen. You know, because after seeing me every day for three years I knew he'd want to see a 30-foot me at Shea. Anyhoo during all this hubbub I forgot something very important...the game was still in play.

The camera stopped rolling. The quiz people got up to leave. Fans were walking down the aisle from both directions. I was sitting there texting Furbie again, cheesy post-Jumbotron grin plastered on my face, when all of a sudden BOOSH!! A plastic cup filled with beer exploded directly in front of me. No joke. The man who was holding it was walking by, his hand about a foot away from my nose. I gasped. Everyone around me gasped. I had no idea what happened until I replayed the scene backwards in slow motion. I realized the beer didn't self-destruct, it was hit...BY A JOHAN SANTANA FOUL BALL!

I swear to Shizza if that man didn't happen to walk by when he did my face would be one humongous black and blue right now. My nose would most definitely be broken, maybe even my teeth too. It was like a line-drive foul ball. I don't know how the hell it managed to miss the camera crew and all the people walking by, but THANK GOD no one got hurt. You know how painful that would have been??? Man, if that beer hadn't been there I would have been fucked.

Everyone was so in shock that it took a good 30 seconds for someone to realize no one had the ball yet. I wish the guy who found it gave it to me. I don't blame him for keeping it of course, it just would have been a cool memento.

WOW! I'm getting all excited remembering how exciting it was! Needless to say, my eyes were glued to the field the rest of the game. I don't need any more balls speeding towards my face, unless of course there's a hot guy attached to them.

I had so much fun at this game (thanks again Web!), that it totally got me pumped for this weekend. What's this weekend?


My first baseball trip of 2008 is finally here! WOO HOO!! Rockstar and I are headed up to Massachusetts tomorrow morning for a lovely weekend of baseball, beer, and Boston men. I guess we should probably squeeze in some history, too.



Anonymous said...

Shan how was Boston? Jules and I are going to be up there this weekend (13-15). It would have been great if our weekends would have co-incided!

jenn said...

you could have been like drew barrymore in fever pitch when she got knocked out by the foul ball. i like to play that part over and over again, because it makes me laugh hysterically. yes, i laugh at other people's misfortune. who doesn't?!

Li'l Jen said...

I hate PANTIES too!