Monday, June 16

Boston Weekend Recap (a week late)

I had most of this written last week, but never got around to finishing it up. Here's my weekend in Boston, a week late!

The rundown...

1. The Limoliner luxury bus goes from the Hilton NYC to the Hilton Back Bay in Boston for $180 roundtrip. There's plenty of leg room, a free movie, and a bus attendant who gives you blankets, food, drinks, and head.

After commuting over four hours a day from Jackson to NYC for about 2 years I can't friggin' stand buses but the Limoliner wasn't too bad. I suggest trying it out, although I probably won't ride it again. I like trains more.

2. Rocks and I got to Boston on Friday around 4pm and immediately went on the Freedom Trail. It's a really cool way to see the northern part of the city, just follow the red brick/paint line. My favorite parts of the walk were seeing the little alleyways of Faneuil Hall, the small side streets in the North End (Little Italy) neighborhoods, and the Irish Famine Memorial. Okay, maybe it's weird to say that last one is a "favorite," but I was really moved by the statue and plaques. The last time I felt this connected to my ancestors was when I saw the Northern Irish murals in Belfast. I couldn't take pictures there either.

3. There are so many people in NYC that it doesn't really register who I see on the street. It's different in other cities though. There's so few people walking near me that I end up observing way TOO much about them. For instance, a lot of girls wear dresses and high heels in Boston. Why is that? And more importantly, why do I care?

4. I know Boston is nicknamed Beantown, but it should be Sausagetown. There are so many guys!! If I wasn't a sweaty, sticky, smelly, chubby mess all weekend I like to think I would have taken advantage of the odds...

In other words, I didn't even try to hook up with anyone. I sweat ALOT.

5. New England Clam Chowder is amazing. Unfortunately, that was the only Boston fare I ate all weekend. Totally random, I can't stop thinking about the American League Club sandwich I had at a Fenway bar called Cask 'n Flagon. DUDE. It was a typical club sandwich, but my god, I want one now.

6. Another amazing moment at Cask...I got stuck in a bathroom stall. I'm not kidding. I went to the bathroom, did my biz, and couldn't unlock the door. Now I'm not a claustrophobic but I am a neurotic, so it wasn't actual claustrophobia I was afraid of, it was obsessing about the POSSIBILITY of becoming claustrophobic that finally made me take action. There was only one thing to do...dive under the door and climb out.

I couldn't stop giggling for a good 15 minutes. I doubt the floor was clean. It was definitely dry, though. More important in my book.

7.DID YOU KNOW ABSINTHE IS LEGAL AGAIN?? Crazy! I had some mixed with some type of Scope/black licorice drink. The minty taste was so strong that I couldn't finish it, but I did get a little flicker action going. Good times.

8. 95 degree weather sucks!

9. Trinity Church is gorgeous. So is the other church diagonal from Trinity. I forget what it's called.

10. I lied. The attendant doesn't really give head.

11. And last but certainly not least...FENWAY PARK!

Rocks had the brilliant idea of going on the Fenway tour before the game. I never would have thought to do this! It was a great way to appreciate the park before the crowds came in. I loved hearing the Sox and the ballpark history, especially why and how the Green Monster was created and how there is a 50 year waiting list to get a job as a scoreboard operator. (It's still manual.)

All baseball fans should definitely go to Fenway. Wrigley is still my all-time favorite; Fenway top three. (I still don't understand why I loved Anaheim so much. Disney crack!) I personally didn't find the wooden grandstand seats uncomfortable, though I could see how a taller person would hate them. It's really annoying that the rows only have an exit on one side of them; I had to climb over 20 people just to go to the bathroom. Take my advice, get an aisle seat.

One of my pet peeves are people who buy sportsgear in non-team colors, like those ridiculous pink Mrs. Wright shirts that whores wear. Yes, whores. Red Sox shirts are printed and worn in a variety of colors, so it was interesting to see how different all of the fans looked. I probably wouldn't have noticed this if it wasn't for my trip to St. Louis last year; 90% of the crowd had a red Cardinals shirt on. Those darn Missourians (?) made me realize the importance of team spirit, so now I shun the folks who wear anything but their team colors. Shun, I say! Then again, I ended up buying a green Red Sox hat because I liked the shamrock so this whole paragraph is stupid.

The game was a lot of fun. The Sox played really well, beat the Mariners 11-3. Manny Ramirez hit a home run over the stands on top of the Green Monster; it was fucking awesome to watch. A blast of a hit and a blast of a weekend...

So there ya have it. Check out my pics!

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