Wednesday, July 2

Peep this.

I have a new favorite television show.  Once again it's new to me, but not new to everyone else.  Well, everyone else in the UK anyways.

Peep Show

Funniest fucking show I've seen, oh, ever.  I will be quoting from it for the rest of eternity.  Check out this clip either at home or with your office door closed and headphones on:

Unfortunately the first season is the only one available in the Region 1 DVD format, but this show is so hysterical that I'm going to buy a multi-region DVD player.  

Rage mentioned I can get one for like $50, so I thought I'd check Amazon real quick.  I searched "region 2 dvd player." Sounds fine, right?  Yeah well I didn't realize I was still in the "Movies & TV" category.  The first hit:

I wonder which part is region 2...

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