Sunday, July 6

Am I a successful woman?

My gut answer is no. But why? How do I even define success and being a woman? I think I may have posted about this before, but I feel the need to revisit after a conversation I had with Jules. She said the cutest thing the other night: she'll know when she's successful for a few reasons, one of them being when she finally owns a boat. I love that!

My definition of WOMAN (outside of the obvious boobs and valentina) is someone who:

1. supports herself
2. wears high heels
3. eats sushi
4. gets manicures and pedicures
5. understands the stock market
6. can do "boy" push-ups and pull-ups
7. can fluently speak Italian or Greek

My definition of SUCCESS is:

1. supporting myself
2. marrying the person I love
3. raising a family
4. owning a home
5. driving a Dick Tracy car (I heart those)
6. not worrying about money
7. loving my job

I support myself. I eat sushi on a regular basis. I recently got a manicure and pedicure. I wear high heels at weddings. I guess that's about it...

Oh fuck it. I am DEFINITELY a successful woman. Why? Because I say so.


Sarrah said...

"because I say so" AMEN to that! You definitely sound successful to me :)

Buddy Scalera said...

It's a good list. But I have to tell you, no matter how much money you earn, it's rarely enough. The other goals are more emotional/mental states, and you can achieve "success" depending on how you define if you reached your goal.

Money, sadly, is out of your control.