Wednesday, July 30

Eye Deerunk

I had four beers and a Mike's Hard Lemonade so far tonight.  Apparently that's all I need to get shitey nowadays.  FBM! (That's "fine by me" for everyone other than MJ).

So much has happened in the past couple weeks that I'm not sure where to begin.  The rundown of things you should probably know:

1. The Mighty Cale's parents moved to San Diego.  For some strange reason they just HAD to take Cale with them.  It's only
been like a week and I already miss my buddy like crazy.  I'm seriously considering moving to Cali.

2. I lost something that I will miss very, very much.  

3. I think I'm finally over my hatred for Jackson.  I went to my parents' house last Thursday to celebrate my dad's birthday. It was the first time in 20 years that I didn't dread going there.

4. My mom made me cry. Again. She's such a biyatch.

5. I'm typing with one eye open.

6. My six monthiversary at Minnow is next week. The place blows. I'm not going to actively look for a new gig, but please let me know if you hear of any openings in your company. My background is sales, ops, and planning.

7. Uh oh. I gotta monitor is too bright to keep typing...

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