Monday, October 4

Everybody must get Stoned

Half of my Sunday. And this wasn't even the best half. Holla!

Bakes and I split the following:

1. 13th Anniversary Ale (I tried to get the Stone Bourbon Barrel Aged 12th Anniversary Ale, but the waitress messed up the order. One of the sales reps tasted it and thought I got the 2006 Double Bastard Ale. My receipt confirms I got the 13th Anniversary, which on the board is one below the bourbon. This is the most work I've put into explaining why I got a specific beer without actually describing or giving my opinion of said beer.)
2. 070707 Red Wine Aged Vertical Epic
3. 080808 Vertical Epic
4. Imperial Russian Stout 10th Anniversary GK Mad Man Mix
5. El Camino (collaboration with 21st Amendment)
6. Double Dry Hop 14th Anniversary Ale
7. Vanilla Smoked Porter

I am not a tasting notes type of drinker, so I'll just say all of them were excellent. The standouts for me were the DDH, 08 Vertical Epic, and of course the Vanilla Smoked Porter which I fell in love with back in March when Blind Tiger had their Stone event.

I love getting Stoned.

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