Thursday, October 21

Shut up.

I can't be bothered to online date anymore. I kind of hate it, although I have been emailing with a Plenty of Fish guy this week. He's a big Giants, Mets, comic book, and Guinness fan. Check please!

I haven't been on POF in over a year, so I'm not really sure what made me even check my email. It's probably MD. I miss him. Of course I miss him. I didn't break it off because I'm not interested, I broke it off because I knew it wasn't going anywhere right now. Blerg.

My profile is apparently on the top of the recent user list because I'm getting a lot more ridiculous emails: "how u doin qt?", "Do you date black men?" from what looks like a white guy, and my favorite of the week "Shut up. : )"

Shut up? That's it? That's all you're going to write? I might write back "Kill yourself."

Fanboy gave me his number, so I'm going to call him this weekend. He also said we should be Facebook friends, but I don't like this idea. I hate the whole awkward when-do-I-delete-you dance. Who knows, maybe I won't need to but I'm not adding you until the ring's on my finger thankyouverymuch.

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Jennifer Juniper said...

Yep. Some guy I was talking to too-quickly said I should add him on facebook. My response...I just stopped writing him back. ::sigh::

I'm a tough audience. But honestly, one or two messages and I'm like "ugh, this is too time consuming. I'm going to go play XBox..." I think I only just leave my account open in case some ridiculously hot (& cool) guy messages me. Which will probably never happen.