Tuesday, March 27

Change Sick Busy Bibles

Blogger changed their look for the first time since I've been using it. I had no idea how much I hate change until my social websites started getting fancy.

I'm home with bad allergies today. Yesterday my eyes were on fire! I feel much better after sleeping in, although my head feels like it's in a vice. Pat Kiernan said allergies are worse than ever because of the mild winter. I swear the minute he said that, I got sick. Damn you PK!

Actually that's not true. I WENT FOR A RUN Wednesday morning and wasn't dressed appropriately for the damp spit-rain. I didn't wear a warm enough coat yesterday either. The wind was amazing though. My hair had so much body! Ha!

Of course, I don't ever seem to be healthy when MDLL and I break up. Is it break-up or break up? I write both. I'm not sick-sick, so I don't think it's stress or heartache related. It's simply crazy New York weather related.

I went for a walk earlier and bought five mega-millions tickets. Can you imagine winning over $300 million? Shit fool. If I win I will give you each a dollar.

I'm sitting at my laptop ready to work, but methinks I'll watch Game of Thrones instead. I'm trying to keep myself busy the next few weeks because I know at some point I will break down about MDLL.

This week - Krav Maga, yoga, and Game of Thrones

Next week - drinks with Breen, a play called Don't Dress for Dinner with Jess, and Bacon's birthday drinks/Nada Surf concert

Following week - more Krav Maga (I have a five class Groupon) and then my newest tackle, reading the Bible.

Yes, THE Bible.

All of these fanatic right-wing conservative assholes are fucking up my relationship with my Episcopalian roots. I do not follow Catholic/Christian religion for three reasons: women's rights, gay rights, and because the crazy judgmental biblethumpers scare the shit out of me.

My mom is very religious. She's cool, fun, nuts, manic, crass, and very devoted to her faith. She believes homosexuality is an abomination because the word of God says so, although she does think there should be a separation of church and state. I don't like her for blindly following what the Bible says, but I am glad she realizes the Catholic church should not be laying down the law.

I couldn't give a shit who you fuck as long as your are a good person. I am confused as to why a gay man would want to get married at a church and before a God who doesn't respect his choices, though. If I were gay (being a boob girl doesn't count), the last place I'd want to get married is in a Catholic church. I doubt I'll get married in a church anyways...

SO, I'm going to read the Bible with as much of an open mind as I can. It will be hard because I am a fanatic left-wing liberal non-asshole, but I will try. Plus it will keep my mind off of MDLL. I hope.


Jennifer Juniper said...

Break up with the space is TO break up, verb usage. "We broke up." "Let's break up." As a noun, I BELIEVE it's one word "breakup." "Let's talk about the breakup." I don't think the hyphen is correct, but I could be wrong about that.

Forget about the Bible being hard to read b/c you're liberal. It's hard to read b/c it's FUCKING BORING. I've tried. And I'm sure I'll try again, but holy hell is it boring. There SOME good bits but it's surrounded by tons of BORING. (Also, dumb shit. haha)

Alix said...

Come visit us to pass the time!