Friday, March 30

Black, white, pink

There's an adorable character named Rue in The Hunger Games.  I don't want to spoil anything for you, so I'll just say I love her.

In the movie she is played by a black girl.  I didn't recall her being black in the book, so I thought it was a nice change for the movie.  She was perfect and I like when there's mixed nationalities in a cast.

Apparently some racist fucktards did NOT appreciate this.  These idiots were actually tweeting about how the movie was ruined, how dare they have a n-word as Rue, and some other awful shit.  It's so awful I won't even post the article. I will never, ever understand people like this.

Yesterday I had a gynecologist appointment with a different doctor than usual, let's call her Davis.  Now I could have sworn I've seen Davis before, so I had a mental image of a skinny gray-haired granola looking white woman.

Dr. Davis ended up being a young, cool black woman.  I am 99% sure I was a bit jarred by this because I thought she was going to be an old hippie.  Having a complete stranger with their hand up your junk is odd to begin with, even moreso when you think it's going to be a different complete stranger.  It's kind of liking chugging a glass of vodka because you thought it was water.

I will admit I was 1% taken aback because I don't think I've ever had a black doctor.  It didn't matter because she was very helpful and um, thorough.  I told her I'd like to have a kid before I'm 40 and she gave me advice on what vitamins to take and lifestyle changes to make to help stay fertile.  (Baby fever.)  While I did like her, I really like my usual doctor so I'm not sure if I'll see Dr. Davis again. AND IT'S NOT BECAUSE SHE'S BLACK.

I thought of the Rue tweets.  If these fucking imbeciles were upset a black actress was portraying a beloved character, what the hell would they have done if a black doctor walked into their examining room??  I'm assuming these racist fucks live in states where minorities wouldn't want to treat their schmucky white illnesses anyways.

FMI (for my information...and yours now too):

US Census Bureau:
  American Indian and Alaska Native persons  0.9%
  Asian persons  4.8%
  Black persons  12.6%
  Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander  0.2%
  Persons of Hispanic or Latino origin  16.3%
  White persons not Hispanic  63.7%

Wow. In NYC there are so many different skin colors in one subway car that I forget the rest of the country has no idea how wonderful a melting pot can be.

I wonder if the category of White was expanded to break down different nationalities (Italian, Irish, Russian, Polish, etc.) people will realize there's variety even in their small podunk town.  The joke is I barely know anyone who is 100% one race.  I'm Irish, German, French, and who knows what else. I guess racists don't see it like this though, as long as your skin colors stays the same.

I declare myself Pink anyways.

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