Tuesday, November 13

Post Breakup Fun (PBF)!

Thanks so much for the kind words and support about the break-up.  Breakup or break-up? Whatever. Hopefully this will be the last one of my life!

I'm obviously a plethora of emotions right now.  I'm lonely, sad, embarrassed, scared, disappointed, proud, empowered, mad, the list goes on.  Thankfully Therapy Thursdays are back, plus my doctor recommended I double my anti-depressant dosage. I was hesitant, but I trust her.  She pointed out my drinking/eating binges and lack of motivation are key indicators I'm depressed again and have been for a while.  She's right, of course.  I haven't been well since June.

To help get over MDLL once and for all, I've decided to drown my sorrows in....

wait for it...

movies!!  It's a healthy and sober alternative to my preferred choices of escapism.  I'm banging through (heh) my Netflix queue and hitting the theater with a vengeance.  Some recent flicks and my highly insightful, long, drawn out reviews...


Wreck-It Ralph -  SO FUN. I loved it. Great for thirty-somethings who remember the old video games.

Skyfall - Nothing special, but Javier Bardem was great.

Rope, a rereleased 1948 Hitchcock film -  Okay. Film students would appreciate how it was shot though.

Cloud Atlas, Lincoln, and The Birds this week!  (Look how fancy I'm being with the italics!)


The Cabin in the Woods - EXCELLENT. I don't like scary movies anymore, but this is so much more than a scary movie.

9 to 5 - Very funny. Amazing how women in the workplace have come so far and yet haven't gotten anywhere. Dolly Parton rules.

Manhattan - I loved Woody Allen movies as a kid and it's fun to watch them again as an adult. Yes, he's out of his mind, but who isn't?  Also, I love seeing old NYC.

Heathers - Another fun flick from my youth. Who are the Winona Ryders and Christian Slaters of this generation?

Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story - I am so happy I'm into politics and current events now. So adult!  Rippie recommended this documentary about the RNC campaign manager in the Bush Sr. years. Fascinating and disturbing.

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price - I can't believe Wal-Mart gets away with abusing their employees and ruining small communities.  I am so glad there aren't any in the city.

Timer - A fun and thoughtful sci-fi rom-com. A device implanted into your wrist tells you the exact date and time you will meet your soulmate.  I wasn't feeling the lead actress, but the concept is genius.

Dial M for Murder - I've always been a big Hitchcock fan and I'm having fun watching them all again. This movie is brilliant.

Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story - No joke, there is a HUGE international Monopoly championship every few years.  This 19 year old kid from Norway won the last one. He's like model-y and stuff, right?

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