Friday, December 28

Death by Boogs

I'm such a fucking baby when I'm sick. I've been fighting off a cold since last week, but it got the best of me Christmas Eve. The past four days have been pretty crappy. I decided I am officially allergic to Jackson, NJ.

The headcold has stopped me from doing much of anything, especially a post-mortem on my last week at Company. I usually have a hard time centering myself when I'm at my parents house to begin with, but the snot-filled noggin made reflecting ten times worse.

I have no feelings, thoughts, or fortune-cookie type phrases to share as of yet. Not sure why I even felt the need to post, except to give an update on something other than my new bra size. Sure the DDs may be a fluke, but at least there's one positive thing about gaining all my weight back. Yaay body for putting the fat somewhere useful!!

UGH UGH UGH. I hate being sick!! Must go out. Must get fresh air. Must stop babying myself. Must rip off nose and vacuum out phlegm. Oooo...that was grosser than I thought...

Blah. I'm gonna go take a nap and hold my boobage for awhile.

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Girl said...

Yeah, on the flip side, that's the one crap thing about LOSING weight — SMALLER boobs! Waaaaah!