Saturday, December 1

My new addiction

I rarely watch prime time television. My TV is always on, but there aren't many shows that I make a point to be home to watch except for ANTM on Wednesdays and The Soup on Fridays. Loser says I.

There are plenty of shows I hear I would love (30 Rock, Pushing Daisies, Rescue Me), but I refuse to jump into a series mid-season. As a result, I am a slightly behind the times so my new favorite show is Heroes.


I just started watching the first season last week. You would think I'd be all over this show from the beginning, but no. I am so totally glad I waited. I can't imagine waiting a whole week to find out what happens! I think that's why I like trade paperbacks too, with comics you have to wait at least a month. I'm fragile, people! My nerves can't handle anticipation!!

I went through the first three discs at normal speed, then impatiently waited for the next three all week. I got them yesterday and seriously stayed up until 4am watching two of them! FOUR! I could have stayed up even longer, but seeing the sun come up reminds me way too much of my cracked out days so I made myself go to bed.

Today I woke up at 10am, watched the last disc, and then went back to sleep. Now I have to sit and wait for the damn 7th disc which probably won't get here until Wednesday. I guess I could watch the rest of the episodes online...must. delay. gratification.

I have officially replaced booze with superheroes. Woo hoo!

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Girl said...

Took ya long enough! Glad you caught up with the rest of us! :-)