Wednesday, May 7

I did something!

I've decided to give up thinking and just go right on with the doing. My first do?


It is the single most expensive item I have ever bought.

How is blogging on a Mac? I wouldn't know, I haven't taken it out of the box yet. Two reasons:

1. I took the subway home. This means I carried the 26 pound computer, a wacom tablet, external hard-drive, and my ridiculously heavy purse from 5th to Lex, then from the subway to my apartment (a 10 minute walk when I'm not lugging shit), and then up my four flights of stairs.

2. My arms and shoulders were really sore, so I laid on my couch like Nell Carter for a good twenty minutes until I had the bright idea to have a drink to take the edge off.

Had I mentioned Krull was a bartender? Well he was. Is. Whatever. Anyways, one night I was at his bar and wasn't really in the mood to drink beer so I thought I'd have a liqueur of some sort. He suggested I try Disaronno. I laughed and said sure, I'll suck the ice cubes dry like the chick in the commercial, ha ha, yada, yada...

Well somehow between that night and today I managed to not only buy a huge bottle of Disaronno, but already drink half of it. It truly is delicious, so while I do suggest trying it I do NOT suggest keeping a bottle in your house. It's waaaay too easy to get shitfaced without meaning to, like tonight for instance.

I swear I only had half a glass. I was bombed for most of America's Next Top Model to the end of Rambo need to take the computer out of the box when I'm half in the bag...

So there you have it. I'm an iDiot.

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