Monday, May 26

I heart long weekends.

I don't know what's with me lately. I can't bring myself to write for some reason. Oh wait...I know the reason. It's because I decided to be a writer! A writer who doesn't write! Yaaaayyyyy!!!

My parents were on a cruise so they were nice enough to let me borrow their car all week. Last Sunday I did some shopping and visited my friend Tom and his fiancee Julie (so nice to finally meet her!) down in the Jerse. Monday through Thursday I kept the car in a lot. Yes this was a wienie move, but the last thing I wanted to deal with was alternate side parking. Wienie. Friday was my first Summer Friday. Minnow's policy is pretty sweet, we work 9-6pm every day and then get every other Friday off. It's, in a word, awesome.

I kicked off my Summer of George by heading back to Jersey to visit my friends Melis and Jim. It had been way too long since we last hung out, but as always, once we get together it's like no time has passed. I love that.

I also loved the hike we went on Saturday morning. It was such a beautiful day, check out the view of the city from the top of the mountain:

And another gorgeous view:

I had such a great time, thanks for having me over guys! And an even bigger thanks for answering the inevitable phone call or email bound to come your way from my parents, who did not look well when they saw this:

Introducing my "Even though I am clinically depressed, on meds, and have returned to being a fat whale, I swear to Shizza I got this cut hiking when I slipped on some leaves, landed in the crab soccer position, and sliced my wrist on a stick" scar for life. (The picture is blurry on purpose because the cut is too nasty for a close up. I only make my bed when someone comes over.) At least I'll have a great conversation starter for the next few weeks. And by "great" I mean "uncomfortably awkward and sad." The Minnow gossips are gonna eat this up.

I really miss driving. I love to drive, especially in Manhattan. It's perfect for someone with self-diagnosed ADHD and lots of aggression. It was amazing how fast all of my driving habits came back. The hair twirling, the nail-biting, the bad singing, the road rage, and the Tourette's. For example, some dude pulled up next to me to get in my lane. I was cursing him out in my head for not using his blinker when he looked over at me and sheepishly said, "I made a boo boo." I think it threw me for a loop that a) he could see me b) he was talking to me and c) I could hear him, so I really didn't mean it when I responded with a booming "Fuck you!" I was so embarrassed that I just put my head down and gave him the go-ahead wave. Remind me to buy a muzzle the next time I rent a car.

My parents came back yesterday so I did what any car-free Astorian would do on a beautiful Sunday, I walked over to the beer garden and got sloshed. It was the first time I went so far this year and it was such a good time! It really was the perfect day for outdoor drinking.

Today is all about recovering...why can't every weekend be a long one??

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm too lazy to work past "anonymous" commentor. Jim and I loved having you up - next time hopefully to our house. We did the hike from the "new house" on Sunday, and it was HELL. My thighs still burn. Thank god that we spared you that one. Love ya.